Black Sabbath To Premiere New Single Live On ‘CSI’ Season Finale

It’s unlikely that, 35 years ago, Black Sabbath would have chosen a TV program to showcase their brand-new single, but the times they are definitely a-changin’. To mark the release of their first new material in almost 4 decades, Sabbath will be debuting the track End Of The Beginning during the finale of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation‘s 13th season.

According to Rolling Stone, the track will be played while stars Ted Danson and Marc Vann actually attend a Black Sabbath concert as they sleuth their way through “a trail of murders with horrifying similarities to the sins in Dante’s Inferno“. It’s been years since we’ve watched the program, but good to know nothing has changed. Where’s Grisham at?

Says executive producer Don McGill of the news:

“When we first heard that Black Sabbath was interested in premiering a song on CSI from their first studio album in 35 years, we were all really excited. So many of us are longtime fans.

“And seeing as the album is titled 13 and this is the finale of CSI’s Season 13, it seemed like the perfect match. We couldn’t be more thrilled.”

A coincidence worthy of the show’s edgy twist and turns, no? We also like the fact that we’re talking original CSI here, not CSI: Miami, where the impact of the moment won’t be ruined by some cheesy, albeit unnaturally witty, pun from Horatio Caine, something like, “It appears it was the *takes off sunglasses* end of the beginning for our suspect.” Something LIKE that – I don’t have the words like he does.

The show will air Wednesday, 15th May but, between now and then, we can expect a national tour from the band and plenty more updates on the album. 13 hits shelves Tuesday, 11th June and features RATM sticks man Brad Wilk filling in for Bill Ward. But no-one seems mad about it.

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