Black Veil Brides’ Andy Biersack Says Rock Music Is In “A Difficult Place”

The frontman for Hollywood-bred glam metal outfit Black Veil Brides has spoken out about what he views as the current “difficult” state of rock music, and has called on fans to do more to support the genre.

In a video interview with Finland’s KaaosTV (below), Biersack reflected on Gene Simmons’ comment in an interview last year that “rock is finally dead”. Biersack said that while he doesn’t believe the genre is over, he thinks it’s in a very “difficult place” at the moment.

“I think what he was trying to say, and what probably wouldn’t have gotten the big headline, is that the reality is that rock and roll, in the mainstream, it’s in a difficult place right now,” said Biersack. “People don’t buy music, and they certainly don’t buy rock bands’ music in the way that they used to. And so, for our genre, it’s kind of…We’re limping along when it comes to public appeal.”

Biersack goes on to cite acts like Avenged Sevenfold who are doing their part for rock and heavy music on the big stage but adds, “if you look at hard rock bands with guitar solos and pyro, there’s really only a few.”

“It’s really up to the kids who listen to rock music to get out there, come to the live shows and buy the records when they can and really support the genre. Otherwise, it will get taken away from us, because the hip-hop fans and the pop fans, they buy the records and they go to the shows in big numbers,” he added.

“I believe that rock and roll is alive and well. I just think that people need to show their support and let the genre keep thriving.”

Black Veil Brides last toured Australia as part of Soundwave 2014, even experiencing a brush with our infamous ocean rips, but look unlikely to return to Australia as part of the festival’s 2016 lineup.

See Black Veil Brides’ full interview below.

Watch: Black Veil Brides KaaosTV Interview

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