Blink-182’s New Track ‘Parking Lot’ Is A Sonic Bomb Of Pop-Punk Nostalgia

Blink-182 have unleashed a fresh tune ahead of the release of the deluxe edition of their massive-yet-polarising Tom DeLonge-less album California.

Dubbed ‘Parking Lot’, the track is a sonic bomb of pop-punk nostalgia and adolescent angst, packed with lyrics about skateboarding injuries, drinking on the train on the way to the ($10) show, striking out with girls and listening to The Smiths and the The Violent Femmes.

It’s a turbo-paced guitar-sposion of hornless ska-punk riffage and rapid fire drums, packing the instantly memorable refrain “Fuck this place, let’s put up a parking lot!” (Up yours, Joni Mitchell!)

So what if Blink are 40+ year old dudes still singing about their teenage glory days? This tune is catchier than the clap with all the fun of accidentally contracting it.

‘Parking Lot’ is one of 11 brand spanker tracks (plus an acoustic version of the mega-hit album cut ‘Bored to Death’) that will feature on the deluxe edish of California, which will be out on Friday, 19th May.

It comes after prodigal son and professional UFO hunter Tom DeLonge said he could walk back into the band at any time he damn well wanted to.

The Mark, Tom Matt & Travis Show will be touring North America off the back of their next release (we’re still waiting for that promised Australian tour to happen though. Don’t think we’ve forgotten, you guys).

While we continue to play the waiting game, check out ‘Parking Lot’ below.

Watch: Blink-182 – “Parking Lot’ [Lyric Video]

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