Blink 182 Say They Have Finished Their New Album

Blink 182 are almost ready to release their first new music since the departure of longtime guitarist and vocalist Tom DeLonge, who left over creative differences in 2015.

The latest album will be their first with new band member Matt Skiba, and drummer Travis Barker has just declared that the recording process is finally finished.

In an interview with, Barker told host Robert Hererra that the only thing left to do is pick the track-listing, after the group wrote and recorded 27 songs in total. “It’s just a matter of picking out what 12 to 14 songs are going to be on the album… everyone right now is pushing for their favourites” said Barker.

The fallout with DeLonge has been far from clean, with both he and Barker speaking out against each other since his departure.

Earlier this month Barker was quoted saying that DeLonge had become obsessed with sounding like U2, and that he had already departed from Blink 182’s signature sound and moved towards arena rock whilst recording their last album Neighbourhoods.

The latest, so far unnamed album will be a real test to prove to fans that the band will still be able to create music of the highest quality without DeLonge, but Barker praised the influence of new guitarist and vocalist Skiba.

In perhaps a thinly veiled dig at his departed guitarist, Barker said “It was great to have someone [Skiba] in the studio who wants to be in the studio all the time with us.”

Watch: Robert Herrera’s Interview With Travis Barker


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