Bliss N Eso’s MC Eso Apologises For Misogynistic Photos

Max MacKinnon, better known as MC Eso, one third of Sydney hip-hop outfit Bliss N Eso has apologised for a series of misogynistic images he posted on his Instagram account yesterday, after he was met with a barrage of online backlash.

Reports The Dwarf, the MC was posting pictures of himself posing with various waxworks celebrities on a recent visit to the Madame Tussauds in Hollywood Boulevard. One such picture showed him threateningly holding his fist up to Rihanna, as a nod to her 2009 assault by then-boyfriend Chris Brown.

Captioning the picture, which has now been deleted, MacKinnon wrote, “Where did ya throw those fuckin car keys woman!?!” and “#smackmybitch #shelovesthewayithurts”. MacKinnon also posted images of himself posing between the legs of American actress Raquel Welch, writing, “If ya like the Rihanna one, your gonna love this!!” with the hashtags “#cavebitch”, “#boxbasher”, “#oneeyeonthesnatch” and “#peekapoo” and another showing him sexually touching Lady Gaga with similarly misogynistic and offensive captions.

The images quickly stirred mass condemnation online with many followers outraged by the photos and his captions. “Well there’s goes any chances of purchasing your music. That’s fucking disgusting,” wrote one outraged follower.

Daily Life columnist Clementine Ford has even appealed to triple j to boycott Bliss N Eso’s music. Some fans though have defended MacKinnon, arguing that he was merely making a joke. “Eso’s a brilliant guy, and he’s a grown man. He’s allowed to have fun,” said one follower.

MC Eso has since deleted the photos and posted an apology on Instagram, saying the photos were shot in a “comedic manner, which upon reflection I realise was in bad taste and unacceptable.”

“Violence against women has no place in our society and I am sincerely sorry for the offence that my previous Instagram posts have caused,” reads the post. “The photos were not intended to promote violence.”

mc eso rhianna

Image via The Dwarf

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Image via The Dwarf

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Image via The Dwarf

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