Bluejuice Issue ‘SOS’ To Rid The World Of Douchebags

Fed up with the current douche infested state of society, the rude, crude dudes from Bluejuice have taken matters into their own hands – but real change starts with you. The band have released a PSA informing the world of their new service, Douchebusters, who are ready and willing to answer your SOS.

Do you or anyone in your family know a douche? Got a mate who’s started to take his top off a little too far out from summer? Or perhaps you’ve become “that guy” who leaves before anyone else is up to avoid cleaning the mess from the night before? Well, now there’s a solution – Douchebusters.

With polite and prompt staff on-call 24 hours a day, it shouldn’t be long before the world is totally free of douches, be they of the bag, hose or nozzle variety. Thanks, Bluejuice.

The vid is actually a promo for the band’s latest single, SOS. Bluejuice announced to the world not too long ago that they’d be releasing the new song this month, and the vid reveals it will be released on 27th September. The new song features work from a run of non-douchey people including Alex Burnett, Adam Gammage, Simon Berckelman and others.

Check out the promo vid/PSA below.

Watch: Bluejuice – Douchebusters (SOS)

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