Bono Becomes World’s Richest Pop Star Thanks To Facebook

It’s a Beautiful Day to be Bono, because the frontman of Irish rockers U2 has become the world’s richest pop star thanks to his stake in social media giant Facebook.

As The Mirror reports, Bono’s 2.3 per cent share of Facebook he purchased for £56 million (AUD$121 million) in 2009 is now worth a massive £940 million (AUD$2.03 billion).

According to reports of Bono’s increasing wealth, his Facebook shares have earned him more money in the last six years than he has made in his entire music career. That said, he seems unlikely to retire from music anytime soon.

Bono’s new title as the world’s richest pop star sees him overtake Beatles member Sir Paul McCartney, who is still worth a cool £730 million (AUD$1.6 billion), and Madonna, who sits on £520 million (AUD$1.1 billion).

It’s not all good news for Bono, though. Aside from the appropriately-named Elevation Partners investment group he co-founded, Bono and his wife Ali Hewson also own an ethical clothing company called Edun Apparel, which lost £42 million (AUD$90.8 million) in 2014.

The success of Facebook, on the other hand, saw the company hit a huge milestone in August, with over one billion users using the service in a single day. And to think that such a huge achievement is partly due to the business chops of Bono…

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