Booka Nile Has Been Targeted By Stalkers Since MAFS

Booka Nile has been targeted by stalkers since the airing of Married At First Sight, one of her close friends Madlin has revealed.

Madlin, Nile’s housemate, appeared as a guest on the latest ep of the So Dramatic! podcast, where she alleged that Nile has had “a few stalkers” since MAFS has aired, saying that one particular “guy tries to break in constantly.”

The pair live together with Madlin’s child, so since the targeted stalking began, they’ve since had to move house.

The stalkers have been “men who have expressed interest in her and a few guys who have gotten a bit over excited and they have not left her alone,” Madlin said.

On that one particularly persistent stalker, Madlin said “he’s been pretty close [to breaking in],” adding “literally as soon as we go outside, he just runs away.” They’ve previously had to call the police after he was found “lingering after 10PM.”

They tried everything, including putting up a fence around the place, but he kept coming around. It got to the point where Madlin even attempted to chase the man off with a butter knife, but he fled.

“She’s had this as a musician, but having people invested in her personal relationships is different. It’s pretty freaky.”

MAFS returns tonight on Channel 9 and according to the trailer, it looks as though her marriage to on screen hubby Brett Helling is toast. Watch it below.

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