Make Them Suffer’s Booka Nile Got Hitched On MAFS Last Night & Fans Reacted Accordingly

Metalcore and Married At First Sight are two terms you probably never thought you’d hear in a sentence, but the season premiere of the reality show last night on Channel Nine proved us all wrong.

Make Them Suffer’s Booka Nile made her on-screen debut last night as one of the current cohort of MAFS brides. She married 31 year old self-proclaimed “quirky individual” Brett Helling in what was an extremely heartwarming ceremony (I may have shed a tear watching their ceremony lol).

She’s previously said that because of her touring lifestyle, it’s been pretty tough meeting and creating a genuine connection with someone.

In a post to Instagram recently, Booka said “Since I’ve been grounded at home thanks to a certain virus, have been banned from Tinder (LOL) and because I’m a bit crazy, this just feels like the perfect opportunity to throw myself into the deep end and do something wild and hope that whoever I’m matched with turns out to be a legend!”


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Fans have been largely supportive of Nile’s MAFS appearance. Taking to Facebook group UNFD Social, fans had a live discussion thread going while the wedding episode aired last night.

There were a few laffs, particularly when Channel Nine overlaid footage of MTS with some generic rock music:

Fans seemed pretty stoked on Nile & Helling’s pairing:

When it came to the *kiss*, Nile eased the tension, by straight up asking her new husband:

And now, after what was arguably the most wholesome wedding of the season, the pair are married!

The best part of the episode? This iconic screen grab.

Her MAFS appearance comes after what has been a rough year to be in music, particularly being part of a touring act. With MTS’ latest record How To Survive A Funeral out in mid-2020, MTS had a year of touring planned in support of the record, but as the pandemic settled in, it naturally meant that the band’s tour plans had to be canned.

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