Was Brian Johnson “Kicked To The Curb” By AC/DC?

Following reports that Brian Johnson has been advised to stop touring with AC/DC due to concerns for his hearing, rumours are circling that it may not have been doctors orders that forced him to quit as originally reported, but a boot from his band members.

According to, Johnson confided in his longtime friend and collaborator, comedian Jim Breuer, who said he was “kicked to the curb” by the band after he first told them about his hearing loss.

In the latest episode of his The Metal In Me podcast, Breuer revealed: “From what I gather, and I don’t have all the information, I only hear certain sides here, [Johnson] said that he called and let them know, ‘Hey this is what the doctor said, but let’s try to figure this out. Let’s see what’s going on here, I don’t think it’s as bad as he said it is.’ Literally the next day in the press, it was ‘Brian Johnson, tour cancelled, he’s losing his hearing.’”

Breuer went on to say that he got the impression Johnson was initially optimistic about completing the US tour with AC/DC but then “all his luggage that he toured with showed up at his driveway.”

Breuer’s claims are at odds with the band’s official press release which describe them being “forced” to cancel the tour due to medical advice that Johnson “stop touring immediately or risk total hearing loss.”

Breuer has since taken to Facebook and said that he may have been exaggerating, and tweeted saying that he was “not actually quoting Brian’s words” and that the podcast was mostly him “venting” as a “friend & fan with hopes they all finish the tour.”

As far as we know, Acca Dacca are still on the lookout for a vocalist to fill in for the rest of the US tour, with details of the rescheduled tour yet to be announced. Check out the 12 best candidates to replace Johnson, in our humble opinion, in the gallery below.

I have seen some stories circulating about my podcast. As a friend, I saw Brian withdrawn for the first time in my life….

Posted by Jim Breuer on Tuesday, 15 March 2016

BRIAN JOHNSON/ ACDC clearing the air!

Posted by Jim Breuer on Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Gallery: The Top 12 Best Candidates To Replace Brian Johnson In AC/DC

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