Brian Johnson’s Pre-AC/DC Recordings With The Jasper Hart Band Are Being Released

Recordings featuring AC/DC singer Brian Johnson with his former band The Jasper Hart Band are set to be released this month, when the band share a selection of old and new tracks for the first time.

Formed in 1970, The Jasper Hart Band recorded three original soft-rock tracks in 1971, with snippets of the tracks (below) later appearing online.

Those songs, along with modern re-recordings featuring the band’s current sans-Johnson lineup, are now set to see the light of day thanks to an independent release by Jasper Hart guitarist Ken Brown.

Posting to Facebook, The Jasper Hart Band say there has been “lots of interest” in their upcoming release, which is apparently titled Then And Now. “We had a great time doing the new recordings and the CDs will be ready very soon,” the band say.

The Jasper Hart Band originally formed to play soft rock covers of tracks from the musical Hair, and the band’s original songs — Down by the River, I Want to Be Around and Overload — remain a piece of Johnson’s pre-AC/DC history. Catch a preview of two of the tracks, below.

Before joining AC/DC, Johnson was a member of a number of bands, including The Jasper Hart Band, The Gobi Desert Kanoo Klub and Geordie.

Since joining AC/DC almost four decades ago, Johnson has been forced to sit out the band’s latest US tour after doctors warned him of hearing loss. Acca Dacca have toured with Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose as vocalist, with Johnson telling fans he could return to the stage after discovering a new hearing device.

For more information on The Jasper Hart Band’s upcoming release, head to the band’s website.

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