Briggs Has Trolled Pauline Hanson With A Billboard

Briggs has splashed some cash on a billboard for the single purpose of trolling Pauline Hanson.

As the rapper told The Weekly, after spotting one of the One Nation leader’s election billboards in his hometown of Shepparton — emblazoned with the slogan “I’ve got the guts to say what you’re thinking”, which Briggs reckons translates to “I don’t mind being racist” — he got irked enough to fire back with a billboard of his very own.

“I got worried that maybe Pauline doesn’t know what I’m thinking,” the A.B.Original MC explained to Weekly host Charlie Pickering. “So out of the kindness of my heart, and the greatness of your wallet, I did something about it.”

Briggs’ billboard-sized retort reads: “I’m thinking I can’t wait to see the back of Pauline Hanson,” in giant letters alongside a pic of Hanson’s rear and of Briggs looking very Prime Ministerial. Oh and it’s been erected on the back side of Hanson’s billboard in Shepparton.


Watch a video of how the whole thing unfolded below.

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