Pauline Hanson Reckons John Farnham Or Daryl Braithwaite Should Perform At The NRL Grand Final

Pauline Hanson has weighed in on the Macklemore NRL debate, giving her two cents on who she thinks should be doing the pre-show entertainment this weekend.

Macklemore will perform equality anthem ‘Same Love’ at the NRL Grand Final but it’s been met with criticism from people, including former-Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who believe the game shouldn’t be political.

Hanson has now joined the choir of naysayers telling Sunrise she doesn’t “even know who he [Macklemore] is.”

“People have had it up to here with same-sex marriage … people are fed up with it,” she said, suggesting unsurprisingly that it should be an Aussie up there.

“We’ve got so many great artists in this country that we could put up there,” she added giving two suggestions in particular.

“Put Johnny Farnham up there,” she said before being prompted about Daryl Braithwaite, a suggestion she also really liked the idea of.

“Yeah, he was at Parliament House only a couple of months ago. He was fantastic.”

Unfortunately for Pauline it seems that the NRL are pretty set on Macklemore performing ‘Same Love’. Macklemore has also defended his decision to promote same-sex marriage there saying he’s, “going to love.”

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