Briggs, Paul Mac And More Inspire New NFT Project From Street Artist Scott Marsh

Renowned street artist Scott Marsh has gotten into the NFT game, launching a series of unique images under his ‘Bin Kingz’ line.

The NFTs – a collection of 6,969 unique bin chickens – represent a unique element of Australian culture and with Marsh’s flair attached, the Bin Kingz collection is definitely unlike any other. Personally handcrafted by Marsh for the metaverse, the Bin Kingz collection comes inspired by a number of real-life individuals, close friends and Australian figures including Briggs, Warwick Capper, Brown Cardigan, Paul Mac, Jonny Seymour and more.

No two NFTs in this collection are exactly alike, and are running online for 0.069 ETH (if that’s your thing).


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“I’ve always strived to remain autonomous and not rely on galleries, grants or any third-parties for funding.” Marsh has said about his entry into the metaverse in this way.

“So, when you’re willing to take risks, the creative constraints are usually financial. Watching the NFT space since early this year, I’ve seen how the technology can transform the ephemeral nature of the street works I create, while bringing a whole new dimension to my work going forward. This project will ensure my future work stays genuine, while funding a number of large-scale projects I’ve had on the back burner for some years.”

Over the years, Marsh has become renowned for his work: from Kanye Loves Kanye to Saint George, and the recent mural of The Kid LAROI in Waterloo, Marsh’s pieces have made national and international headlines. It’s a natural move that Marsh move into the creation of NFTs as his footprint as an artist continues to grow and evolve.

For those who purchase one of the 6,969 NFTs, they’ll also have access to Marsh’s ‘Ibis Sanctuary’ and virtual gallery space on Decentraland: The Marshland. To find out more, visit the Bin Kingz website here.

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