Image: Beeple

Madonna Defends Nude ‘Birth’ NFT Collaboration

Madonna has been on the receiving end of some backlash and criticism after her graphic collection of NFTs was released.

To take it back a little, let’s break it down a bit. The singer collaborated with digital artist Michael Winkelmann – founder of NFT Beeple – on a series of NFTs that show Madonna (in digital form) giving birth to a number of things: a tree, robot insects and butterflies.

The collection is graphic, showing a three dimensional, full frontal view of her vagina; but Madonna isn’t stressed about the reactions to the series. As she explained, it’s showing “what women have been doing since the beginning of time, which is giving birth.”

“We’re always operating and living under the male gaze, and unfortunately pandering to what we think people want us to do,” Madonna said.

“It is often a challenge to create works of art … and it isn’t always pretty.”

The NFTs, which were auctioned off on Friday (May 13), had proceeds going towards non-profit organisations that assist women and children. One such org is the Voices of Children Foundation, whose work aids those living in refugee camps and experiencing displacement as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The NFTs were created using a full body scan of Madonna, the process taking a year.

The highest price one of the three NFTs went for was a 170.5 Eth, equating to USD $346,405 on SuperRare.

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