Bring Me The Horizon Are Considering Dropping Multiple Records Next Year

It was four years between Bring Me The Horizon‘s last two albums, but it looks like BMTH fans won’t have to wait nearly as long for the next few as the band have said that they’re toying with the idea of multiple releases in 2020.

In a recent interview with NME, via altpress, frontman Oli Sykes has said that the band are likely ditching the concept of an album for good. Instead, they’ll be focusing on shorter releases – whatever that means.

“‘Ludens’ will be the first song you hear from the new record,” Sykes said, referencing the band’s new track that dropped last week.

“We’re not going to do an album again, maybe ever. We’re thinking about doing shorter records. I don’t want to say we’re going to do something and not live up to it, but the plan is to release multiple records next year.”

Sykes then references that the decision to create shorter releases came from the process it took to create their latest album amo.

“I’m really proud of ‘amo’, but it was such a fucking ballache to make,” he said.

“We spent a whole fucking year of our lives making that record. Part of me was like, ‘For what? We’re never going to get to play all of those songs’.”

We’ll have to wait and see what 2020 holds in store for the band, but for now listen to ‘Ludens’ below.


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