Bring Me The Horizon Just Dropped A Surprise EP, Featuring A Collab With Halsey

Bring Me The Horizon have just given fans an unexpected Chrissy present, dropping a surprise eight-track EP stacked with collabs down our proverbial chimneys.

Verbosely titled Music to listen to~dance to~blaze to~pray to~feed to~sleep to~talk to~grind to~trip to~breathe to~help to~hurt to~scroll to~roll to~love to~hate to~learn Too~plot to~play to~be to~feel to~breed to~sweat to~dream to~hide to~live to~die to~GO TO, the disc features a long-teased collab with Halsey dubbed ‘¿’ which borrows vocal lines from the band’s amo album track ‘In The Dark’, as well as new tunes featuring YONAKA, Happyalone, Toriel and one dubbed ‘Underground Big {HEADFULOFHYENA}’ featuring BEXEY and Lotus Eater, which goes for a humble 24 minutes (!!!)

Altogether, it’s definitely the most experimental body of work we’ve seen come out of the BMTH camp and the fan reactions will undoubtedly be interesting…

Though there had been a bit of speculation about the EP’s imminent arrival after frontman Oli Sykes posted the artwork on his personal Instagram with zero explanation, at the time of writing no official announcement or comment on the EP has been made by the band.

But it is on Spotify and you can give it a listen below!

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