Bring Me The Horizon Want Their Aussie Tour Shows To Have A “Full Rave Vibe”

Bring Me The Horizon have just changed the game with their brand new album amo and it seems like they’re about to change up their live show to match!

We recently spoke to the band’s resident production guru and standard musical genius Jordan Fish, who revealed that the whole band are keen on channelling a “full rave vibe” for their Aussie tour this April.

“Our production’s quite minimal and clean and industrial-looking at the moment,” Fish told us in a chat about the band’s new LP. “So I think we’re gonna keep going down that road and go fully cyber with it. Maybe lasers. Yeah, I like that, I think we’re all into that vibe. Full rave vibe.”

But don’t panic — that doesn’t mean they won’t be blasting us fans with some of their more vintage pit-thrillers in the rejigged amo tour set.

“The set’s probably going to be a little long for us,” Fish chuckles. “But yeah, we’ll still be playing a lot of the ones that people wanna hear.

“This last tour we’ve been doing this, like, old school medley of songs from like way before I was in the band basically,” he continues. “I don’t really do anything I just stand there and headbang for like six minutes. We might be doing that! I’m not sure, we’ll see how it goes. At the moment I think we’re planning on keeping it in cause it’s good fun. We’ll see.”

He adds: “On this last tour we played something like six songs off Sempiternal which, considering it’s like years old, is still a decent amount.”

BMTH’s amo is out now. Catch their full list of 2019 Aussie tour dates below.


Bring Me The Horizon 2019 Australian Tour Dates

Tickets on sale now

Wednesday, 10th April

Entertainment Centre, Brisbane

Tickets: Live Nation

Friday, 12th April

Qudos Bank Arena, Sydney

Tickets: Live Nation

Saturday, 13th April

Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne

Tickets: Live Nation

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