A British Postman Folded A Vinyl Record To Fit It In The Mailbox

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of coming home to a fresh vinyl in the mail, so imagine the feeling of coming home to find your vinyl folded in half.

A British Royal Mail postman who is obviously more of a fan of the MP3, decided to shape a package for the mailbox by bending it in half. Digital strategist Sharon O’Dea then came home to find the postman’s handy work.

“It’s actually a record my husband ordered,” O’Dea told Metro.

“It was on the doormat when I got home last night. He’s something of a vinyl junkie so he was livid when I told him. It had fragile tape all over it AND the name and logo of the sender, a record shop, on the front.”

She admitted to having a very small mailbox and said that postmen often try to shove as much as they can in there.

Royal Mail said they were sorry over Twitter but frankly an apology is not enough when you’ve folded a record in half, unless said vinyl is Creed.

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