Broken Bells Firm Up Details For New Album ‘After The Disco’

Broken Bells have popped their head up briefly to inform fans that we can expect to have a new record from the pair, dubbed After The Disco, as soon as January 2014. It may seem like a fair way off but when you’ve been waiting 4 long years for an album, what’s a couple of extra months between friends?

Made up of James Mercer ( The Shins) and the always interesting Danger Mouse, Broken Bells burst onto the scene back in 2009 with their self-titled debut effort, nabbing scores of fans before once again branching off to their other projects.

It’s now been two years since The Shins dropped their latest effort Port of Morrow indicating that Mercer has had some free time lately. Mouse, on the other hand, is doing everything all the time and all at once, but it seems the pair have made it work once again.

You can check out the album teaser, which features the duo below.

Watch: Broken Bells – After The Disco album teaser

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