Bruce Dickinson Has Helped Rescue An Endangered Turtle

Bruce Dickinson has long been a fan of aviation, which was lucky for an endangered turtle named Terri, who was flown home to the Canary Islands on board the Iron Maiden frontman’s plane.

Known to spend a lot of time in the cockpit himself – whether piloting his personal aircraft on joyrides or flying Maiden, the crew and all of the band’s gear around the world on tour – Dickinson may or may not have been at the helm of the private jet that whisked Terri to safety himself. I’d like to think he did though, and nothing you say will dissuade me.

And you know what? Even if he didn’t, he still supplied the set of wings needed to get the job done.

Raising a significant amount of concern worldwide after washing ashore on a beach in New Jersey, Terri the turtle has become a bit of celebrity in her own regard. After the Mediterranean reptile rocked up sporting a severely damaged shell and a bad infection, a crowdfunding campaign raised €8,000 in an effort to help nurse her Loggerhead ass back to health and bring her to Spain’s Canary Islands.

“A jet has become available at a far reduced price and with the donations at the hospital and online we have reached the price we need for the jet,” veterinarian Peter Haworth told the Olive Press. “It shows how much one little turtle can bond people together. We had interest immediately from Dubai, Australia and America,” he said.

We’re just glad the little shell bro is safe and that Bruce is such a legend.

This one goes out to you, Terri.

Listen: Iron Maiden – Running Free

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