A Bruce Springsteen Australian Tour Announcement Is Being Teased For Tomorrow

Earlier in the week, the Bruce Springsteen rumour mill was kicked into full spin after Fairfax Media picked up on some more than promising sounding talk from promoter Michael Gudinski on the topic. Now, it seems that the rumours have been fairly accurate, with the Gudinski-owned Frontier Touring teasing an Springsteen-brand announcement for tomorrow.

While nothing has been confirmed, a tweet (below) has been sent out by the touring giants, depicting the words “sometimes tomorrow comes soaked in treasure”, which is one of the hooks from Springsteen’s generation-defining hit Jack Of All Trades. This is a pretty convincing suggestion that an announcement will come tomorrow.

Mind you, the rest of that lyrics finishes with “…and blood”, so Frontier are either planning a Bruce Springsteen tour, or some sort of massacre. We say get your credit card details ready and board up your doors and windows, just to be safe.

Fairfax Media first broke news of an impending announcement after picking up on an interview between Gudinski and Triple M back in August. Gudinski seemed pretty positive that Bruce would return to Victoria’s Hanging Rock, adding, “Pretty hard to come to Hanging Rock in early February without doing the rest of Australia,” suggesting more headline shows to compliment the destination show.

The rumour mill has also suggested that Aussie rock royalty Jet might reunite to support The Boss, however word is that Perth and Adelaide will not be included in the mix this time around as they were for his 2014 tour.

UPDATE: Phew, it seems of the two aforementioned options, Frontier decided to go with the far more exciting option of a Bruce Springsteen Australian tour announcement. Dates have now been confirmed.

UPDATE 03/02/16: Bruce Springsteen’s Australian tour has expanded with another three shows after several others sold out.

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