Buried In Verona Announce New LP ‘Faceless’

Sydney based metalcore outfit Buried In Verona are sticking it to their detractors and standing up for their fans, announcing today their eagerly anticipated fourth studio album, Faceless, will drop on 7th March via UNFD.

Buried In Verona have endured their fair share of criticism. Other bands have attempted Twitter beefs with them, while fans trolled a Facebook event for one of their tours with almost 5000 comments about whether or not they “deserved” the tour.

“When people say that our fans are fucked or that they are lame, that’s when it really gets to us,” said vocalist Brett Anderson. “This record is as much a ‘fuck you’ to our detractors, as it is a message to people to keep being themselves no matter what.”

The band will not be deterred, already giving fans a taste of the new record via the searing track Splintered (below), released late last year. “I guess it’s a heavy indication of the album,” band member Richie Newman told Music Feeds last year. “We were gonna put a catchier one out first but we thought ‘Fuck it, just go heavy’.”

A second music video for the lead single Illuminate is due to be released next week. The video will part 2 of the story depicted in Splintered, portraying the band and a group of fans fighting back against the brutal attacks of faceless characters.

Faceless will be available Friday 7 March via UNFD. Preorders available Friday 24th of January via iTunes, 24Hundred, Impericon and MerchNow.

Watch: Buried In Verona – Splintered

Buried In Verona – Faceless Tracklisting

1. The Breach

2. Eclipse

3. Splintered

4. Illuminate

5. Graves

6. Set Me On Fire

7. The Damned

8. Catatonic

9. Antidote

10. Revival

11. Deception

12. Blind Eyes

13. The Faceless


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