Butcher Babies Vocalist Heidi Shepherd Speaks Out Against Concert Violence

A performance by Californian metal outfit and Soundwave alumni Butcher Babies was reportedly interrupted this week when a concertgoer was kicked out of the venue for threatening physical violence against the band, and now red-haired singer Heidi Shepherd has spoken out against such threats.

As BraveWords reports, Butcher Babies’ gig in Winston-Salem, North Carolina on 8th September allegedly involved a female attendee threatening to phycsically hurt the band.

Since then, Shepherd has taken to Instagram to post a lengthy statement slamming the punter’s behaviour and calling for violence against musicians to stop.

“Regardless of if at a show or online, if someone threatens me or my band with physical violence, they will be ejected from a show or banned from the venue the night we are there,” reads Shepherd’s post.

“It doesn’t matter what your opinion is of me or any of us, physical violence is not the answer, will be taken very seriously and not be tolerated.

“I commend the security guards who heard the threats last night at our merch booth and immediately reacted. This particular person blames her ejection from the show on stating her opinion, which is bogus. No one gets kicked out of a show for stating an opinion.”

Shepherd says that most artists have dealt with and will continue to deal with violence and threats from concertgoers, but has reminded people that even if they are joking, their threats will be taken seriously.

“I couldn’t care less about the people who don’t like my band, there are plenty of bands I don’t like. However, I would NEVER threaten physical harm to any of them. Neither would 90% of the world,” she says.

“If you don’t have a flavor for a band that’s on the bill for a show you paid to get into, go to the bar, sit in your car, go outside, etc during their set and wait for the band you came to see.

“Be an adult… Then maybe you might be able to watch the band you paid to see! AND if you wait for us by our bus after you’ve been kicked out… Expect the have security all over your asses!!!”

Butcher Babies toured Australia as part of Soundwave 2015, and released their second studio album, Take It Like a Man, in August. Catch album cut Monsters Ball below, alongside Shepherd’s full statement.

Watch: Butcher Babies – Monsters Ball

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