Music Feeds Podcast Episode #99: Butcher Babies

Since unveiling their acclaimed debut album, Goliath, California’s Butcher Babies have been rising to the forefront of heavy metal. With a Soundwave spot the latest in a list of achievements for this young group, we knew things in the Butcher Babies camp would be hectic.

And, as frontwoman Heidi explains, we were right. “We’re doing so many crazy things right now. We’re writing our next album, we’re planning our headline tour, putting production together, doing all sorts of fun stuff. [Soundwave] was just an added bonus to make this month really rad,” she says.

“We have a lot of friends that have done the festival and it’s always something that is so positively talked about. Everyone says you’re gonna be treated like gods!” she says. “Everyone’s gone through roughing it in the touring stages… this is one festival that everyone talks about as being top notch, something that you have to experience in your music career, and kind of a staple in your career.”

Having been thrust into the spotlight via the Soundwave 2015/Music Feeds First Wave, the band say they were immediately treated to some Aussie hospitality. Heidi tells us she felt instantly “welcomed” by Soundwave fans, while guitarist Henry says he was “overwhelmed” by the response.

Music Feeds Podcast Episode #99 – Butcher Babies (Heidi Shepherd & Henry Flury)

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