California Hardcore Band Plays Set In American Chain Restaurant, Gets Predictably Loose

Over the weekend, Long Beach punk band WACKO played a set at a Denny’s in Santa Ana, California.

If you’re unfamiliar, Denny’s are a chain of American diner-style restaurants, so it’s obviously a less than typical spot for a hardcore show to take place.

The band managed to play a 20-minute set at the restaurant and as one might expect, things got a little wild – causing damages the restaurant asked the 17-year-old promoter of the show to cough up $1,000 for.

As ThePRP reports, the show was the first the teenager had organised, and dropped over $400 renting the diner as well as throwing down cash to rent a generator to host an afterparty.

To cover those costs, a Gofundme page was set up by the band – and good news, it’s already reached its target (and then some).

couldnt get inside the dennys show. Show this kid some luv cause he put southern California punk shit on the map hard asf”

All’s well that ends well I guess?

Incredibly, it’s actually not the first time a punk band has played a set in one of the diners. As Loudwire points out, Houston outfit Live Without performed in a Denny’s in their city in 2013 – birthing the “What the fuck is up Denny’s?” meme.

You can watch WACKO’s full set below.

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