Stage Diver Accidently Floods Venue And Shuts Down Hardcore Show

Stage diving, as exhilarating as it is, can often be fraught with risk.

From launching into the abyss and having no one there to catch you, to sometimes copping a shove from a disgruntled frontman or even just the sheer unpredictability of landing on…people….it’s an activity that, despite being a ritual of punk and hardcore shows, it’s always a bit of a heart-in-mouth moment the participant.

However, flooding a venue as a result of launching off the monitor wedges is an occupational hazard not often considered by fans, bands, and venue staff alike.

Unfortunately, though, owners of The Middle East Club in Cambridge, Massachusetts were confronted with this very issue when a concertgoer smacked a sprinkler pipe in the ceiling when flipping off the stage, causing the venue to flood and the show to be shut down.

That it happened before the show headliners Show Me The Body had a chance to even grace the stage added insult to injury, with the incident happening midway through opening band Candy’s set.

Footage from the incident shows punters reveling under the stream as the band continued to play, with the burst pipe initially adding to the novelty of the show.

However, the fire department soon had to be called and the show shut down as the venue began to flood. Check out the footage and photos of the incident below.

Reports indicated that the water “smelled horrible”, indicating that it wasn’t necessarily H20 of the drinking variety that showered moshers.

Show Me The Body tweeted an apology noting that “shit happens”, with the tour continuing to roll through the US this week.

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