You Can Play As Motörhead’s Lemmy Kilmister With This GTA V Mod

Tributes for late Motörhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister continue to pour in, and one of the latest is a downloadable mod for Grand Theft Auto V, which lets you play as the great man himself.

Put together by three Lemmy fans, the tribute mod comes with a pretty accurate skin of Lemmy and his signature look. What’s more, the mod allows Lemmy to spawn a motorbike (The Hexer), which comes painted with the “Eat The Rich” logo in reference to the Motörhead song of the same name.

The GTA V version of Lemmy can also smoke, drink and play guitar or drums on demand, but unlike the real-life version, this one can also spawn prostitutes which follow him wherever he goes, for some reason.

A video demo of the GTA V Lemmy mod (below) sees old mate Lem get chased by a bunch of the escorts before causing some serious havoc around Los Santos. To grab the mod, head to the GTA Forums website.

Aside from the GTA V mod, Kilmister’s death has also seen the ‘Jack & Coke’ officially renamed a ‘Lemmy’, while a bunch of high-profile rockers put on a huge tribute show on the day of his funeral.

Watch the Lemmy Kilmister GTA V mod in action, below.

Watch: Lemmy Kilmister GTA V Tribute Mod

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