James Hetfield's New Tattoo | Credit: Metallica Official Instagram

James Hetfield Did WHAT With Lemmy Kilmister’s Ashes?!

Metallica frontman James Hetfield has taken his love for Lemmy Kilmister to a wild new level, getting himself branded for life with an ink paste made using the late Motörhead frontman’s cremated ashes.

Hetfield unveiled his fresh tattoo tribute to Lemmy this week on Metallica’s official Instagram page, flashing a shiny new ‘Ace Of Spades’ logo on his middle finger.

“Now, he is still able to fly the bird at the world.”

“A salute to my friend and inspiration Mr. Lemmy Kilmister. Without him, there would be NO Metallica,” Hetfield wrote in the post.

“Black ink mixed with a pinch of his cremation ashes that were so graciously given to me. So now, he is still able to fly the bird at the world.”

Lemmy, the legendary speed metal guru and career badass, sadly passed away back in 2015 following a battle with cancer.

We suppose, technically, this means his DNA now lives on in Hetfield’s middle finger?

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