You Can Now Play Cards Against Humanity With Your Friends Online

To help make self-isolating from your mates a little easier during the coronavirus pandemic, Cards Against Humanity has been made available to play online, ensuring that just because you can’t physically see friends and family doesn’t mean you can’t force them to endure your awful sense of humour online.

If you’re unfamiliar with the popular card game, it’s described as a “party game for horrible people,” that’s kind of an updated mad-libs situation. It involves players completing a fill-in-the-blank phrase as part of a sentence and the best (or worse, as it may be) being chosen by a judge.

As the game’s own website points out, it’s “as despicable and awkward as you and your friends,” and it’s a great way of getting a slightly uncomfortable insight into your loved one’s heads.

The digital version follows more or less the same rules as the IRL one. You can create your own online room and share a link with friends so you can all play together in real time. You’re also able to set up a video chat with everyone in the virtual room.

Cards Against Humanity is now live over at, which also includes party game standards like Checkers and Go Fish.

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