Chainsmokers Pisstaker Returns To Show Us “How Every Nickelback Song Is Written”

The YouTube legend who recently delivered a blistering tutorial on how to write every Chainsmokers song ever has returned to give Nickelback the same treatment (which follows logically, seeings as how The Chainsmokers themselves were recently labelled “the Nickelback of EDM”).

Anyway, as John Fassold tells us in his latest video upload, he’d heard a grand total of two Nickelback songs prior to over a thousand internet commenters begging him to deconstruct the band’s tunes, and he actually didn’t think they were “that bad”.

However, that all changed after he subjected himself to a listening to four Nickelback albums back-to-back in a well-researched effort to crack their songwriting code, and boy has he succeeded.

Watch Fassold harness Chad Kroeger & co’s songwriting abilities to wax lyrical about almonds (because let’s face it, everything else Nickelback sings about is just as nutty anyway) below.

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