Charli XCX Spilled The Tea On The Tea Bag Debate On Sunrise

Charli XCX is currently doing the Aussie media rounds ahead of her secret show in Sydney tonight, stopping by Sunrise yesterday morning.

Because it’s Sunrise, Kochie decided to bring up the current ‘tea debate’ while she was there. For the uninitiated, the tea debate is a ‘controversial’ discussion about how long you should leave the tea bag in the cup and was inspired by an author’s tweet.

The British author, Joel Golby tweeted, “simply can’t trust people who don’t leave the tea bag to steep in the cup for a bit. you think you can get enough depth of flavour just by squashing it a lot with the back of a teaspoon? the arrogance. the ego. leave the room and walk away from it”.

So, anyway Kochie decided to gather an expert panel to discuss the debate. Including: himself, Charli XCX, Gretel Killeen, and Ryan Phelan.

Turns out Charli XCX has strong feelings about this one. She launches in, “Two minutes, tops.”

“That freaks me out, people who leave the tea bag in for ages? That’s some weird vibes. Also, people who leave the tea bag in and like drink the tea? Crazy.

“And people who leave the tea bag in and put the milk whilst the tea is in? Messy. Like, no. It’s bad.”

Kochie throws out some more hypotheticals for Charli. “Right, so you always put the milk in first or the tea bag?” he asks.

“No! Get the tea bag out of there, you know?” Charli XCX clarifies.

“Well, nobody knows more about tea than a Brit, I agree exactly with Charli XCX with this one,” says Ryan Phelan.

Watch the slightly uncomfortable exchange in full down below.

Charli XCX will perform at a secret Sydney location tonight ahead of the release of Charli. Her new album is due out Friday 13th September.

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