My Chemical Romance Frontman Gerard Way Is Getting His Own Netflix Series

UPDATE: Netflix has announced that the 10-episode live action series The Umbrella Academy will premiere worldwide in 2018. Gerard Way, who will be a co-executive producer on the show, says, “I am thrilled that The Umbrella Academy has found a home at Netflix. I couldn’t think of a better place for the vision Gabriel Bá and myself had when creating the comic, and cannot wait for people to experience that world as a live action show.”

ORIGINAL STORY: Gerard Way is heading to Netflix and we’re not okay.

The My Chemical Romance frontman’s comic book series The Umbrella Academy is officially being adapted into a full series on the streaming giant and ya boy is “definitely involved”.

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Yep, as PopBuzz reports, details are slim at the mo’, but an official announcement is expected to take place at San Diego Comic Con (which is going down July 20th-23rd).

Alls we know RN is that Way is working on the show in some capacity and that the script is being penned by Jeremy Slater, who wrote the recent The Exorcist TV series.

If you need a refresher, the MCR singer’s graphic novels, which were illustrated by Gabriel Bà, follow the story of a “dysfunctional family of superheroes” in an alternate version of 1977 America where president JFK was never shot.

Speaking previously about the pilot episode, which has been in development since 2015, Slater said:

“I think it’s really exciting. I think it’s really surprising and funny. I took the job because I’m such an immense fan of what Gerard [Way] and Gabriel [Ba] did with that book. It’s one of those things where I would rather be the guy to screw it up than sit back and let someone else come in and do the bad adaptation. So, I was really adamant about taking the job, but the only way I was going to do it was if I could make it weird and make it true to the spirit of the book. There’s a lot of weird shit in The Umbrella Academy, and it would be very easy to sand down some of those weird edges and make it more familiar to American audiences. I’m fighting very hard to not let that happen.”

Three cheers to that.


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