Cher Apologises After Taking Selfie With PM Malcolm Turnbull At Mardi Gras

If Cher could turn back time, she probably wouldn’t have taken a selfie with Malcolm Turnbull at the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras this past weekend.

The pop kween has apologised after posing for a snapshot with the Aussie PM during Saturday night’s parade, following a Twitter outcry from the LGBTQI+ community.

Turnbull ignited the backlash after using his Mardi Gras appearance to seemingly give himself a pat on the back for the marriage equality vote.

“It was like the nation gave same-sex couples an enormous hug,” The PM said during the telecast. “It was a vote for equality, a vote for respect and what a huge vote it was.”

He then reiterated the point after posting his Cher selfie on Twitter: “Welcome to Sydney, Cher! [NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian], Lucy and I and all your fans thrilled to be with you at the 40th Mardi Gras & first since Australia achieved marriage equality.”

Needless to say, members of the LGBTQI+ community were quick to strike back:

Other miffed Cher fans tweeted their patron saint directly about the Turnbull snap:

“I wonder if Cher knows just how truly terrible Turnbull and his party have been to the LGBTIQ community..” one user wrote. “Hey Cher ..I love you but, did Turnbull tell you he has a whole review being held to enshrine discrimination again the LGBTIQ community???”

Engaging with the discussion, Cher asked her Aussie fans for more info: “I’m not sure what you mean. The Man I Talked To Seemed PROUD OF EVERYONE AT THE PARADE. Am I Missing. Something!?” she tweeted.

Users then flooded in to enlighten the pop goddess on the marriage equality postal survey that Turnbull spearheaded.

“He is no friend of ours. He imposed a horrific 3 mth postal vote on our relationships when he could have passed the law in parliament. He abolished the national LGBTI anti-bullying program in schools. And he continues to imprison LGBTI refugees in countries that criminalise them,” one said.

After a swarm of tweets, Cher responded: “Am so sorry. Guess that’s why I have FEW Friends Who Are Politicians.He Seemed Very Open & excited about MARDI GRAS,AND LGBT COMMUNITY.”

Read her tweets below and catch her incredible Mardi Gras after-party performance right here.

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