Malcolm Turnbull Says People Were “Very Mean” To Cher Over That Mardi Gras Selfie

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has said people were “very mean” to Cher after she took a photo with him at Sydney’s Mardi Gras earlier this month and subsequently apologised to her fans after some criticised her for posing with the PM.

Speaking on Hit 105 this morning, Turnbull said the criticism Cher received was “brutal and pretty nasty”.

“I think she was a bit baffled by some of the criticism. It was very mean I thought to her,” he said, as The Daily Mail reports.

“I mean Cher was so impressed by the big yes vote on same-sex marriage and she congratulated me on it.

“We talked about it. We talked about the high participation rate. She thought it was a great win, a great victory and a great statement… the goodwill, the affection, the love in Australia.

“So I think some of that social media commentary perhaps she had on Twitter is brutal and pretty nasty.”

Cher headlined Sydney’s Mardi Gras parade, and also performed some of her biggest hits at an official afterparty.

However, after being pictured with Prime Minister Turnbull during the parade, the singer received a number of messages from fans on Twitter, who criticised Turnbull’s actions surrounding the same-sex marriage plebiscite.

Cher eventually responded to the messages, telling one fan, “Am so sorry. Guess that’s why I have FEW Friends Who Are Politicians.He Seemed Very Open & excited about MARDI GRAS,AND LGBT COMMUNITY.”

Check out Malcolm Turnbull’s original tweet, below.

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