Chet Faker’s Second Album Will Be “Heavily Performance-Based”

Tame Impala might be going more electronic, but Chet Faker is going organic — “clean beats”, you could say. The producer extraordinaire is currently recording the follow-up to 2014’s ridiculously successful Built On Glass, and it looks like his next album will focus on organic performance-based grooves.

Speaking to Vulture recently, Faker (real name Nick Murphy) said that his second album, currently being recorded at his home studio in Brooklyn, New York, is “using a lot of real players to get that human groove that you can’t manufacture”.

Known for his smooth skills with synthesizers and other digital knick-knacks, Murphy says the goal of his next major project is “a lot of movement, a lot of rhythm, groove-based stuff”.

As for the kinds of tunes that have been influencing his new music, Murphy said, “I’ve been listening to Fela Kuti and [Stevie Wonder’s] Wonderland, early ’70s Stevie Wonder, and live Donny Hathaway. [The album will be] heavily performance-based, with high energy.”

If those influences, grooves, and a focus on live human performance seep into Murphy’s highly-anticipated new album, we could be seeing styles such as afrobeat, soul, R&B and gospel pop up in the mix, which could reinvigorate his live show.

The producer recently emphasised his desire to connect with people, in an interview with Rolling Stone. “I think that connection with humans is so important. Sometimes I’ll do this monologue and talk to the crowd, like, ‘Come on, let’s really connect here,'” Murphy said.

To build that connection, Murphy has a few collaborations in the works to help him expand on his song ideas. A few weeks ago, Murphy shared an image (below) to Instagram, of himself hanging out with Unknown Mortal Orchestra‘s Ruban Nielson.

No matter who his collaborators are, after getting his groove on for Jimmy Kimmel Live and killing it at Coachella earlier this week, Murphy has already excited fans everywhere.

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