Chicks Who Love Guns and Ghettoblaster rock it Keg Party style

The dudes at Ghettoblaster are bringing you another rad party at Qbar on Saturday 7th of May with bands and free beer… yep! You read it right, Free beer!

Why have they got free beer? Cos partying with the Ghettoblaster guys is kinda like crashing an awesome house party, where you help yourself to the keg of beer, tag the furniture and hear some great tunes before ending the night with a sloppy pash n dash.

Myth & Tropics are first on with Chicks Who Love Guns headlining the night in support of their recent single Vommit on the Dance Floor.

In addition to cheap drinks and rad tunes you can get your dose of arts and culture with live drawing and painting by artists BAKER and Luke Burcher.

If we haven’t sold it to you enough already check out the spiffy list of DJs also playing at Ghettoblaster

Chicks Who Love Guns

Myth & Tropics


Cries Wolf Kids

Mark C

&DIMES DJs Nickles



Puerto Rico.

Ghettoblaster happens this Saturday 7th May at Qbar

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