Music Feeds LIVE: Chicks Who Love Guns Streaming This Tuesday

Chicks Who Love Guns are a five-piece wrecking crew, carrying the torch of the proud Sydney punk tradition first cemented by bands like The Hard-Ons and The Angels. What do these youngsters have in common with the latter two? Blistering tunes and a whole lot of attitude and the band will be coming into Music Feeds Studio with both in tow.

Possessing a reputation for ferocious live shows, Chicks Who Love Guns’ penchant for raucous, cro-magnon rock and unchained performances have seen them open for such luminaries as Regular John, Die! Die! Die!, Hunting Grounds and Grinspoon.

Their visit to Music Feeds Studio is sure to be a wild affair and you can see it all live when the band come in for an interview and a performance at 8:30pm AEST this Tuesday, 3rd September.

[Stream has ended – you can watch the recording below]

Photos: Chick Who Love Guns Live Stream Behind The Scenes – Music Feeds Studio

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