Childish Gambino Officially Releases Two Versions Of New Album ‘03.15.20’

The wait is officially over, with Donald Glover‘s new album 03.15.20 officially hitting streaming services.

Despite the album previously being briefly uploaded to Glover’s website without the Childish Gambino moniker, the album has now gone out for a full release under the Gambino name.

As per usual with Glover, things are still not as straightforward as they may seem, with the enigmatic artist releasing both the previously heard 12-track, standard track-by-track version simply titled 03.15.20.

In addition, there’s also Donald Glover presents 03.15.20, a continuous play version in the form of an uninterrupted stream. At the time of writing, the continuous play version is only available on the website and via Tidal.

Meanwhile the track-by-track version is available on Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes, and is streaming on YouTube (but not yet in Australia, sadly).

It’s Glover’s first full album since 2016’s Awaken, My Love!, and there are guest appearances by Ariana Grande (‘Time’) and 21 Savage (‘12.38’).

Two tracks have proper names, ‘Algorithm’ and ‘Time’, while the remaining 10 tracks are attributed numerical values only.

42.26 is a renamed cut of ‘Feels Like Summer’, a Gambino release from 2018.

Cop a listen to the whole thing below:

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