Childish Gambino Shares New Track ‘3005’

Relationships and anti-bromance seem to be the main themes 3005, the latest cut from Childish Gambino and while it may not sound too fancy…it’s what he does with them.

3005 is the latest taste test from the slashie’s upcoming full-length album Because The Internet and, along with previous track Yaphet Kotto (Freestyle), suggests the album will be exploring fairly personal issues as Gambino continues to come to terms with his success, fame and wealth. Poor dude.

The intertextuality and pop culture references that made previous releases Camp and ROYALTY so distinct from the pack now seem to just roll of Gambino’s tongue as he finds ways to reference just about everything for the The Lion King to the Arab-Israeli conflict. Unhappy with the crowd that’s gathered around him in life, Gambino offers himself to his girl until the year 3005, shunning his homies in the process.

Donald Glover seems to be coming to terms with some serious home truths, throwing his own open letter to the masses during Celebrity Open Letter Month, in which he described the uphill battle to get the album across the finish line with his record label. However, as fans we’ve so far been handed two tracks so thankfully this whole leaving Community business has worked out for us.

Listen: Childish Gambino – 3005

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