A Chinese Website Is In Trouble For Offering Taylor Swift Fans An ‘Insurance Policy’ Against Her Future Breakups

“Did I read that headline correctly?” is probably what you’re thinking.

Unfortunately yes, friend, yes you did.

A Chinese marketplace-style website has been forced to shut down some of its vendors who were offering customers the opportunity to “insure” themselves against a Taylor Swift/Tom Hiddleston split.

ICYMI: Tay Tay is now very publicly dating Loki’s human alter ego after very publicly splitting from ex-flame Calvin Harris.

And her fans apparently feel like they need to protect themselves financially in the event that the couple breaks up and never, ever, ever gets back together.

Orrrrrrrrr they’ve just found a fun way to get around the country’s strict gambling laws – by taking mad bets on Tay Tay’s love life.

According to China’s state-run Xinhua News Agency, popular website Taobao was forced to put a stop to the practice because its ringleaders were essentially violating the country’s gambling ban.

One seller told Xinhua (via SMH) that they’d made over 543 “transactions” in total regarding the future of Swift’s current relationship. While another said the highest amount that someone had spent on Swift “insurance” was 400 yuan ($80).

Yep. People are strange.


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