Chris Brown Arrested On Suspicion Of Assault With A Deadly Weapon

Chris Brown has been arrested at his LA home on suspicion of assaulting a woman with a deadly weapon. He is alleged to have pointed a gun at the head of model Baylee Curran during an argument with her inside his home, and has has since been taken into custody by Californian police.

ICYMI: We woke this morning to news that Chris Brown was in a standoff with police at his home, during which he was believed to have thrown a duffel bag containing a gun, other weapons and drugs out of a window.

Officers responded to a 911 call at around 3am local time, after Ms Curran had an argument with Brown which she told TMZ turned violent after she touched a piece of his jewellery.

Although police declined to comment on proceedings, Curran, who was Miss California Regional 2016, says she had previously partied with Brown but on this occasion she believed him to be on drugs or alcohol. After admiring the piece of jewellery, one of Brown’s entourage reportedly became aggressive, before Brown himself demanded that she “get the fuck out” and proceeded to point a gun at her head.

Brown posted several videos on Instagram denying that he had committed any crime, and contesting that he had been sleeping when the police arrived at his house. “Every three months they’ve got to come up with something, what’s it going to be next?” he asked.

He continued, “It is always going to be ‘Fuck the Police,’ Black Lives Matter…. And you gotta stop fucking with me like I am the villain going crazy. I’m not. You guys got me fucked up though, so good luck.”

Catch those videos, below.

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