Start Your Day With This Very Wholesome Clip Of Christine Anu Accidentally Dropping An F-Bomb On Live TV

Last night, ‘My Island Home’ singer and national treasure Christine Anu appeared on The Project following her reveal as the character of Goldfish on The Masked Singer earlier in the week.

Towards the end of her interview, host Carrie Bickmore suggested Anu should re-release her 1995 hit – a cover of the Warumpi Band classic – for new fans who’ve only just discovered her through her Masked Singer appearance.

Anu replied by acknowledging she’s done various new renditions of the track since she first released it two-and-a-half decades ago. In doing so, she accidentally peppered in some language perhaps not entirely appropriate for The Project‘s family-friendly primetime slot.

“You say re-release, and I’ve done a fucking million versions,” responded Anu, before immediately realising what she’d done. “Oh shit, did I swear?”

Thankfully, of course, it was all laughs for an honest mistake – and honestly one of the most wholesome moments primetime television has seen in a while.

Anu later took to Twitter for a tongue-in-cheek comment on the slip-up – writing “Oh my fkn god what just happened”. Bickmore quoted the tweet, assuring the singer that she’s said far worse on live television.

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