Cloud Nothings Have A New Album Coming Out This Year

Ohio indie rockers Cloud Nothings have revealed that they have a fifth album due for release by the end of the year.

Singer and guitarist Dylan Baldi told Columbus Alive, that they’re prepping the release of a “vocal-heavy” during Fall in the US which means Spring here.

“On [the first album] I’m just quietly mumbling into a microphone,” he said.

“Then we made our [self-titled] record [in 2011] … and I was terrified to record my voice so I sang in a fake, high-pitched, nasally whine. Then with [Attack on Memory from 2012] I was like, ‘Maybe I’ll try to sing,’ but I still don’t think I was very good. Every record is just learning to be better at everything I do.”

Cloud Nothings released a collaborative album with Wavves in 2015 but the last Cloud Nothings album was 2014’s Here and Nowhere Else which was a result of a hectic time for Baldi both personally and professionally.

“Those songs are all so fast. It’s crazy to me. I don’t think I could write stuff like that again,” he said about the record which probably means we can expect the new one to be a little more of a relaxed affair.

As for the subject of the album, it looks like it’s going to be an outward-facing record that looks at the world at large where previous Cloud Nothings projects have been internal.

“We’re taking a more outward view with this record, but it’s still through an internal filter. It’s about bigger things than me complaining — in my mind, at least,” he said.

The band were last here in 2014 for Meredith Festival but let’s hope the next time they’re visiting, we have a new album in hand.

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