Cloud Nothings, Wavves Collaborative Album Is “Almost Done”

A rumoured collaboration between Cloud NothingsDylan Baldi and WavvesNathan Williams has been confirmed by the former in a recent interview with Exclaim. The frontman revealed that despite the imminent release of his band’s fourth album, he spent the last 10 days recording with Williams.

“I woke up one morning hungover in Paris, which is where I usually live, and I just had a text on my phone that was like, ‘Yo, wanna make a record together?'” Baldi told Exclaim. “I was like ‘…Okay!’ And that was it. It sounded fun.” Baldi was soon bound for LA to meet with co-conspirator Williams.

“The whole time I’ve been here we’ve been recording, all day, every day. We’re almost done! Everything’s shaping up,” said Baldi of the “super easy” recording sessions, which have reportedly yielded “eight good ones” that sound “more between” Williams and Baldi’s respective groups.

“And also not the things either of us do. It’s between and [there’s] also another element that wasn’t present in either of our music before,” added the Ohio native. “Working with him has been super easy. Everything we do is like — I’ll play something and he’ll be like, ‘That’s cool,’ and then he’ll play something and I’ll be like, ‘That’s cool, too.’ There’s never any kind of butting heads. It’s easy.”

When asked whether the material will see the light of day, Baldi said, “I think they’ll be out there somewhere. We have to do something with them.” Cloud Nothings are gearing up to release their fourth album, Here and Nowhere Else, which Baldi recently discussed with Music Feeds.

Listen: Cloud Nothings – I’m Not Part of Me

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