Club Blink Competition – Free Drinks and Entry to be Won!

This Friday is a night to celebrate and to weep.

Club Blink celebrates its twelfth anniversary on Friday 18 March, and this will be the last Club Blink ever!

Twelve is a symbolic number, with 12 hours in each day and night cycle, 12 months in a year, and by running every Friday for twelve years Club Blink confirms its place as the most successful alternative nightclub of all time in Australia.

MusicFeeds is proud to run a competition in support for this momentous Friday Club Blink.

One winner can bring five friends (that’s SIX people in total) to Club Blink and everyone gets to share 10 FREE DRINKS. That’s like two and a bit drinks each for free!!

If you would like to enter send an email to [email protected] before midday on Friday the 18th of March and include your full name and a contact phone number.

*Note if you enter your email will be subscribed to the Musicfeeds newsletter so you can keep up to date with everything going on at Musicfeeds.

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