Coldplay Remember The Time David Bowie Knocked Back A Collab Offer Because Their Song Was A Bit Shit

As the music world still continues to grapple with the loss of one of its greatest icons in David Bowie, Coldplay have opened up about the impact that his death has had on their band.

“I felt incredibly sad when I heard David Bowie had died,” guitarist Jonny Buckland told NME in a video interview (below). “We’ve all loved his music for as long as we’ve known about music.”

Drummer Will Champion added: “When you have any involvement in music he was one of the points of reference for absolutely everything, for genres and for how to be a rockstar or a popstar or whatever it was. Completely defining that. So for musicians it’s quite disorienting.”

But while other musicians and entertainment figures such as Lorde and Conan O’Brien have shared countless positive and heartwarming stories abut their dealings with the great Bowie, Coldplay have shared a different kind of story, detailing an encounter that must have been – at least somewhat – negative for them at the time.

The Thin White Duke apparently knocked back an invitation to collaborate with the band on a song. But – as Coldplay explains – he did it with style.

Singer Chris Martin sent him a letter asking him to be involved in the track – which apparently involved a “David Bowie-type character” – and, according to a grinning Will Champion, Bowie replied: “It’s not a very good song, is it?”

But Coldplay weren’t overly phased. As Champion notes: “He was very discerning – he wouldn’t just put his name to anything. I’ll give him credit for that!”

Watch the video interview below, and check out our Bowie feature The Many Eras Of David Bowie: From Space Oddity To Blackstar, here.

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