This Video Pretty Much Nails All Your Shitty Festival Experiences

If you’ve ever been to an outdoor music festival, and we’re betting most of you have, you’ll know that thrown in with the good stuff there’s plenty of pretty horrific things you’ll experience all in the name of seeing your favourite band or producer.

Now CollegeHumor have put together an animated video that sums up all the standard shitty aspects of festivals, and guaranteed you’ll be able to relate to most of them – especially if you were recently at Splendour In The Grass.

It starts out with the impact that festivals have on tiny towns that aren’t at all equipped to handle the influx of people, before moving on to the three hour entrance line and then the standard impossible-to-plan-for scheduling where your two favourite bands will be playing at the same time at opposite ends of the festival.

The back end of the video features more standard experiences like paying $8 for a bottle of water and holding your breath whilst standing in line for the portaloos or ‘shit-shanty-town – and finally the fact the sound system will rarely be worthwhile in typical outdoor acoustics.

Watch the video in full below.

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