Conditions On Soundwave 2015 Lineup “Is Going To Happen”

Soundwave promoter AJ Maddah has long been assuring fans of Richmond-based alternative rockers Conditions that he would book them for the Soundwave 2015 lineup. Speaking recently with a fan over Twitter, Maddah said that he remembers his promise and that “it is going to happen.”

Maddah has been assuring fans that he would bring the group, who announced their dissolution last year, to Soundwave for a farewell. Questioned by a fan back in November, Maddah said that he and the band have “a pact” for them to come out for the 2015 instalment of his flagship event.

Now, after Maddah revealed that he wanted to book them for SW14, the band said they would be “honoured” to play Soundwave. Conditions announced their split via Facebook back in November, writing, “We as a collective unit have decided that it is time that we walk away from Conditions.”

UPDATE 11/08/14: Conditions have all but confirmed their place on the Soundwave 2015 lineup via Twitter, sending a very simple message of “#SW15” to their followers. The full Soundwave 2015 lineup is expected to drop soon with AJ Maddah tweeting last week that Saturday 23rd August is the currently expected due date.

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