Cops Casually Stumble Across $2.9 Million Dollarydoos Hidden Inside Ibiza Nightclub

An iconic Ibiza nightclub called Amnesia is up shit creek after police foiled a massive drug ring allegedly operating out of it.

The club owner and three others were arrested in relation to the drug op yesterday, but after the cops did a little bit more poking around inside, they apparently discovered about €2 million (approx. AUD $2.9 million) worth of cash squirrelled away in secret compartments throughout the place.


Local authorities have yet to release an official statement regarding the haul, but Dancing Astronaut reports that the Organized Crime and Anti-Drug Teams will continue their search of the venue, following their seizure of assets from the homes and banks of the prime suspects.

Their investigation has also zoned in on the alleged crims’ properties in Barcelona.

But despite the whole mess, there’s good news for ravers.

You can still get turnt at Amnesia’s regularly scheduled techno party HYTE, which is still taking place tonight because why would anyone in their right mind let something as mundane as a high-profile criminal investigation stand in the way of getting lit AF.


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